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Our line up is getting stronger.

It is grateful that many top-quality providers want to come to our club.

They keep coming; hopefully, all the providers are the A+, but finding high-quality providers is challenging.

Some are excellent A+, some are average, and some just came with nice-looking photos. So even tho we were trying to control the quality, there are limits.

But, still, in this town, I know we are at the top in the Asian Escorts Agency category.

It is all because now providers know our clients are the best in town.

I have refused so many weird peoples previously, and I still do.

We have to have a top-quality clientele to have top-quality providers.

Thank you all for being top-quality clients, and sorry whoever can not use our service.

I will try harder to keep this going on as long as possible.

We just got two new providers from NYC, and they are at the airport.

They will probably be online on Monday; stay tuned.

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