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Just a thought

Some reviewers want to take advantage of their reviews.

Quite a time ago, they contacted us and asked for an exorbitant

discount for writing good buffed-up reviews for our new girls.

And, of course, We rejected their offer and got threatened by them.

They are still around and manipulating reviews.

We always appreciate your good reviews, which greatly help the provider and the company.

But if there are bad reviews, it will kill the frog right there.

We can not make all of our customers happy, even if we are trying to.

How can any customer service job achieve 100% satisfaction?

If you had a bad experience, please inform the booker immediately.

Let's have a conversation and make you feel a little better.

Please don't just go to the forum sites and post your bad experience because it won't make you feel better.

Throwing a small rock could kill the little flog.

So, please rethink before you post small rock, and let's talk.

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